walking humbly

Tonight’s a Susan night. No meetings. No activities. No nothing, just time for me. Those who know me know that my life is crazy busy. About six months ago I started scheduling at least one night as Susan time. The sad thing is I actually have to write it into my calendar or it will fill up! Even in the summer.

I went for a long walk in the Tryon Creek State Park tonight. Beautiful, and a perfect place to walk when it’s hot like it was today. Per usual, when I started my solitary walk my mind was racing. Having pretty much come straight from work I had work things. Then things from pastoral council last night. Then thinking about what to talk about with my spiritual director Friday. Then thinking about my trip up to Seattle this weekend. And then nothing but the rhythm of my footsteps. And then the word … HU-MIL-I-TY. HU-MIL-I-TY. Guess that’s the message I needed to get tonight, because that’s the message my footsteps were sounding out. For quite a while before I picked up on it.

It was very meditative, having my footsteps sound out the word. Also got me thinking – maybe one of the keys to humility is accepting that the good we do in the world is due to God. God working through us.

Then I thought about this blog and the passage from Michah that inspired the URL. Act justly, love tenderly, and walk humbly with your God. Guess I was doing that literally tonight …

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