sunday dinner

On Sundays we head next door to have dinner with some of our elder Sisters (dinner being their big noon time meal). It is quite honestly one of the highlights of the week.

Our Congregation Novitiate House is on the grounds of the province headquarters and a large group of retired sisters live next door in the infirmary and on the assisted living floor. Normally our two worlds are connected physically but separate in reality. We cook our own meals in our house. But on Sundays, we head next door. It's a good chance for us to get to know them better. And vice versa.

After dinner today one of the Sisters invited us up to see her room. She gave us the grand tour, sharing not only her home but her heart. What I love about these dear women is their warmth and happiness. Yes they are aging. Yes some of them are not so spry or in the best of health. But every day is a gift, every day brings surprises which they welcome just as they welcome us into their homes & hearts.

(The photo by the way is borrowed from our groovy website. It is actually taken in the dining room next door.)


Lisa said...

That's S. Teresa Catherine second from right, right?

Lisa said...

Sorry, I meant S. Baptista!

Susan Rose Francois, CSJP said...

Yes that is Sister Baptista. And as it turns out I was blessed to sit at her table today!