Results are in ....

Many thanks to everyone who participated in my decidedly unscientific poll about why you happened to visit this corner of the blogosphere. I must say that I am very humbled by the sheer number of responses ... 92!

As you can see from my little pie chart, the majority of you are curious about religious life (but not necessarily discerning). This group is followed closely by folks discerning religious vocations and those looking for spiritual reflections. There is a tie between "Other" (see below) and those interested in peace and justice issues. I was very surprised to discover that only 8% of you know me in real life!

Many of you left comments to describe your response of "other". You can read the comments here and here. The themes that emerged are:
  • looking for support from others in formation
  • once considered a vocation - now "too old"
  • inspiration/encouragement on discerning one's path
  • insights on the world
  • various points-of-view in the church
  • connection between justice and life of faith
Wow! Who knew that my random daily musings were so appreciated?

When I started this blog almost 4 years ago, I never thought anyone would actually read it. I'm still surprised to find out that people do read the blog, silly as that may seem. I just know that it's been so very helpful for my own journey of life and faith to try to articulate that journey in a readable form, rather than keeping it trapped in my own (overly verbose) journal. If it's helpful to other people as well, then I suppose we have God (and my God given gifts of self-reflection and writing) to thank for that!

I also have to mention that two readers mentioned my "geeky" personality as a plus! Ok, I'll admit it, I'm a geek. Who else would poll their readers AND make a pie chart to share the results? ;)

Anyway, thanks for participating!!!

My next question is ... are there any topics/questions that you'd like to see me address here? If so, the comments box is open!


Anonymous said...

I was interested to see that a theme that emerged from the "other" reasons was "considered a vocation but now too old." I would love to somehow hear the thoughts of those people or of people who had been in religious life and have left. I know that perhaps that is not an area of interest or experience for you, but it may be for some such as myself. There are more of us than you may think. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you're a geek at all! And I'd like to see more reflections on Margaret Anna and the CSJP charism - get the good word out!

Susan Rose Francois, CSJP said...

Duffy - I too thought that was interesting and plan to address that in future here

Terry - that's because you too, my friend, have some geek like qualities! ;)