Welcoming Sr. Sukyi

This morning we welcome our newest Sister into our community, as Sr. Sukyi was received as a novice! We were a smaller than expected crowd in our Chapel - icy weather kept some away - but it was a joyous occasion to be sure!

Here is Sr. Sukyi getting ready to process into the Chapel!

Here she is being blessed by our leadership and entire community.

And here are our 4 newest Sisters!

Sukyi will travel to New Jersey in January where she will enter our Congregation Novitiate. Please keep her in your prayers, and join me in praying for more vocations to our community!


Anonymous said...

Susan -
Are all these new sisters part of your province?

Susan Rose Francois, CSJP said...

We are in the process of becoming a congregation "without provinces," but at the moment we sort of still have them. Sukyi, Chero & I are all from the West. Dorothy (2nd year novice) is from the east, but has been out here for her ministry experience.

We have one novitiate for the Congregation - in NJ.