I'm not  a particularly artistic person, but I do have certain crafty tendencies.  In my 20s I took a one day hand-sewn book workshop which inspired years of making little books as gifts for friends and family.  When I was 7, my sister taught me how to crochet--one stitch mind you--which I used for years to craft slightly mishapen afghans and scarves.  A few years ago, living in a community where everyone knitted, I gave that a try as well.

On retreat I had lots of time not just for photography but for another favorite past time ... markering.  For those of you not in the know, markering is a term my friend CoCo and her her sister Katie gave to coloring, but with markers.  It's very therapeutic and meditative for me and was perfect for my quiet time.

Last week when I was in Jersey City visiting some of our Sisters after my retreat, I made it into NYC one day to finally make it to the Museum of Modern Art.  All I can say is  ... wow.  It further inspired me to dip back into my well of creativity.

And so, last night I dug an old project back out of my closet full of some half finished cross-stitch projects.  I don't really know how to cross-stitch (my training was similar to the one crochet stitch I learned when I was 7), and whenever I follow a pattern I inevitably mess it up and get frustrated.  But a few years ago I discovered the wonders of variegated embroidery floss and the fun of free-hand cross-stitching.  You can make all sorts of creations!  Sometimes I just stitch patterns and blocks of color.  Other times I try to "draw" as I stitch.  Which is what I was working on last night, for several hours, sitting in the community room as my housemates watched tv.

So happy to have rediscovered my creative mojo!

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