Retreat Notes: Peace, Love & Play

On Monday, I woke up feeling incredibly grateful for God's love in my life.  The day before had been full of so many blessings, I was ready for whatever the next day held.  In the morning, I took a walk on the beach.  The sun was shining, the waves were playfully crashing into the rocks, and the birds seemed to be playing a gliding game.  Play was the name of the day it seemed.

On my return walk, I noticed some great shells, stones and driftwood.  First a few in the shapes of doves (if you squinted imaginatively!).  Then some that looked more reliably like hearts.  And then a mixture of both.  "Peace & Love" by Fountains of Wayne started playing in my head.  So I collected them, headed back to my little rented cottage, and made this playful video prayer reflection: Peace & Love Dance Party, featuring my little friends that I found on the beach, dancing on my kitchen bar stool.

Sometimes when you pray, God is inviting you to play.  That's my wisdom of the moment.  Enjoy!

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