Hello Chicago

View from my room -
CTU across the street
I am safely settled in my new 9th floor corner room in Chicago.  Originally I was supposed to be in the room next door, but there was some sort of issue with the ceiling.  I must say, I'm happy it worked out this way because I LOVE my corner spot.  Which of course is a good thing as I will be spending the majority of my time in this room for the next 2 years.  Well, I'll also be in class and at the library of course, but since I'm located right across the street from school that will be an easy commute!

While it took me most of the summer to sort through all of my assorted "stuff" and pack, it took me just a few hours to get everything pretty much settled into its new home.  My first Chicago-resident-Aunt-Susan connection has also been made, as I saw my big sister Monica and her adorable little guy Ash yesterday.  We're planning to set up a regular Aunt-nephew bonding date once I sort out my schedule. They took me shopping so that I could get a few things to set up my new room.  I had fun showing Ash my new digs ... he seemed most impressed by the community room and its superabundance of chairs.

Orientations start tomorrow and Friday.  Today I'm going to explore the neighborhood a bit and unpack the last box or two.  All in all a good physical transition ... let's hope the rest goes as smoothly!

Now off to find the park.  Here's a picture of the City skyline I took from the lakeshore when I was here for a visit in March.  I am going to love being able to walk to the Lake each day!  I always feel better with a body of water around to keep me grounded (or watered?).

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