New Vision Magazine Out ... With an Article by Yours Truly!

Remember when you were looking at colleges and you would get glossy magazines in the mail with pictures of beaming students and articles about college life?  In case you were wondering, there's a religious life version as well.  It's called Vision and contains glossy pictures, articles, and ads about the smorgarsborg that is religious life today.  You want options, you've got options! Just flip through this magazine and you will see representations of the wide variety of ways of following Jesus in contemporary religious life, from cloistered monasteries to working directly with people who are poor.

Speaking of, yours truly has an article in this year's Vision.  It's a feature in their Being Catholic series: "Why Catholics Care About People Living in Poverty."

It was great to have the opportunity to write for Vision, given that the magazine played a role in my own discernment.  Back in the day, after I'd had the talk with my pastor that led me to explore the possibilities, he handed me my very first copy of Vision.  I flipped through. I marvelled at the variety.  I turned corners of pages with ads or descriptions of communities that I thought looked interesting.  And I did a little excercise which helped me to discover my personal charism, which in turn helped lead me to the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace.

So, if you fall into the category of person who has wondered if maybe quite possibly you might have a vocation to this wonderful thing we call religious life, check out the latest issue! You can order a free print copy or just read it online.  You never know what or who you might discover!

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