Week One

Well, tomorrow is Friday.  The early highlight of my weekend will be a play date with my 2 year old nephew Ash.  This is sure to put all the rest of the week in perspective!  Hopefully it will also refresh and renew me as I have LOTS to read after just the first week of classes.

It has been a bit of a whirlwind week with lots of information, new names and faces.  I've never been terribly good with names, and many of the names are ones I am not familiar with as there are students from all across the globe.  With time I am sure everyone will become familiar and part of my CTU life.

I've had all four of my classes this week.  I'm taking Introduction to Moral Theology, Reconciliation & Forgiveness, and Spirituality, Liturgy and the Quest for Justice.  Each of these professors is knowledgeable and approachable, and the topics of course are very interesting to me.  I'm excited to focus on my special areas of interest over the next two years!  While I've got lots of reading and a 20-25 page research paper ahead for each of these classes, I'm also a happy social justice/theology geek at the moment.  I'm also taking a prereq Philosophy class which promises to be interesting in its own way.  That's my smallest class so at the very least I'll get to know the other students.  I also managed to line up a Latin tutor today and will be launching back into the joys of latin later next week.  French doesn't start until October.  There's also the little matter of an internship that will be added to the mix, but that hasn't been sorted out yet.  I think I will have plenty to keep me busy!

But first things first, I head North on the bus & L train tomorrow to hang out with my little guy.  Should be fun!


Melissa said...

Hi Susan,

I am so happy to hear that you are doing well, enjoying classes and being able to spend time with your nephew. I hope to stay more connected to your blog to keep in touch.

Melissa Morales-Warming

Susan Dewitt said...

I'm trying to figure out exactly how those classes of yours break out:
Intro to Moral Theology
Reconciliation and Forgiveness
Liturgy and the Quest for Justice

Spirituality, Liturgy
The Quest for Justice

However they break out, it sounds like a fearful amount of reading, not to mention Latin and French - Blessings on Ash for giving you such needed distraction and the best possible grounding in Moral Theology.

Susan Rose Francois, CSJP said...

Spirituality, Liturgy & the Quest for Justice is one class looking at how social justice informs prayer and worship and vice versa. I'm very excited about that one!

eangela said...


I have been reading your blog for years now but I do not think I have ever commented! Anyway, I wanted to send my best wishes and prayers your way- I lived in Hyde Park 2004-2008 and it is a really wonderful place to learn, grown, and explore. Best of luck to you in your work and studies, and make sure you try samosas and chai from the Indian/soul food place on 53rd street by the old Borders, if it is still there.