Crunch Time

Things have been busy here lately in Chicago.  For one thing, my social life has picked up a bit with outings to an art gallery walk, the theater, and a minor league hockey game in the past week or so.  Yesterday I was invited to share my insights as a younger religious at the Consecrated Life Day event for the Archdiocese of Chicago.  I wasn't the main speaker or even on the panel, but one of 30 folks (younger religious, some folks in alternative forms of consecrated life, and young adults pondering vocation) who shared their story and thoughts at 3 different tables.  It was an experience I can best describe as akin to speed dating.  Very interesting.

All of this has been good and life giving, but there is just one problem.  I have a major research paper due in 2 weeks for my J-Term class on Ethics, Spirituality and Global Climate Change.  And I am no where near close to having it ready by then.  So, I really need to buckle down and get focused, even with other distractions on the horizon.

This, my friends, is an example of what I have termed "grad school problems."

All shall be well. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.


Garpu said...

Minor hockey league? Cool, which one? Forgot who's out there.

We need to get to a Providence Bruins game one of these days. (Wouldn't mind seeing a Boston Blades game, either.)

Susan Rose Francois, CSJP said...

Ahl. Wolves. Canucks farm team.

Garpu said...

Way cool. Even if it's the Canucks *ducks* :)