Romero on Life

Sunday will mark the 33rd anniversary of the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero. This week, I'm sharing some of his words on the blog, courtesy of this online version of some of Oscar Romero's writings.
The great need today
is for Christians who are active and critical,
who don't accept situations without analyzing them
inwardly and deeply.
We no longer want masses of people
like those who have been trifled with for so long.
We want persons like fruitful fig trees,
who can say yest to justice and no to injustice
and can make use of the precious gift of life,
regardless of the circumstances.
The picture is from my trip to El Salvador in 2007. This graffiti "Romero Lives" was on the walls outside the Divine Providence Chapel where he was killed. Painted no doubt by someone who was born after his death. Romero lives indeed, in the heart of the people.

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