On the bus this morning, I realized that yesterday was my "vocation anniversary." It was a year ago that I got a short simple e-mail from a friend that turned my world upside down and got me seriously thinking that maybe, possibly, there was something to those persistent thoughts I'd been pretending I wasn't having. That maybe God was trying to tell me something. That maybe there was a way that I could get over my fears and integrate my work and spiritual life. Maybe I could build a life where I expend my energy working to build the kindom of God rather than pushing paper and red tape.

I'll never forget how my heart stopped as I sat on the couch, reading that e-mail. Short, sweet, and profound. Instantly, swhoosh, my life turned upside down. To be honest I was in turmoil for months, sorting all that out. It got better once I found a spiritual director. This friend too was of great help. And step by step on this journey, things have begun to settle into place as I get glimmers of hope about what my future may hold.

Maybe I'd have gotten to this point eventually, but that friendly e-mail is proof to me that God works through the people in our lives.

To my friend .... Thank You.


Regina said...

It's so funny how the people around us can see us so much more clearly than we can see ourselves... sometimes... That's what friendship is all about, I think- encouragement. One smile or thank you is enough to change people's lives, as you said, Susan. Thanks to your friend as well, and thanks to you for sharing your life...

great sandwich! said...

congratulations, susan. i had no idea how close our anniversaries were. v and i celebrated one year since our first date yesterday.

Susan Rose Francois, CSJP said...

Well, I was looking back at my journal and realized I was a bit premature ... turns out my "anniversary's" not until April 30th.

Although this time last year there was definitely some interesting interior work and conversation going on between me & God.