Get thee to the nunnery

An interesting article on Busted Halo. A newer Benedictine nun shares her story in "Habit Forming: A young woman's reluctant journey into the convent" by Sr. Jeana Visel.

Could be wishful thinking but I'm getting the feeling that there's a bloom in women's vocations coming. The groovy sisters have had some newer members trickle in over the years, but haven't had a group for a while. Right now there are 5 of us in early formation as pre-candidates! Certainly makes me feel more hopeful and makes this future I'm discerning seem less risky to read articles like this or blogs like Sr. Joy's Convent Files.

All vocations are good. All vocations are holy. And by vocations I mean to married life, single life or religious life. All three. But I honestly believe we NEED women religious. And judging by the aging populations of women religious, our Church needs young(er) women to take the plunge. To be a prophetic voice from the margins. To take risks. To be peace makers in the Church, our world and society. To add a little of the female perspective into the institutional church - as much as we can anyway. Obviously I see some value in the whole concept, but it's good to know I'm not alone.

I remember years ago (when I was trying to ignore those persistent thoughts or at least win them over with "logic") thinking to myself, "why on earth would anyone become a Sister these days." After all, in this day and age there's nothing women can't do as lay women in the church that Sisters can do. Which is true to a point, but misses the point. It's not so much what I'll be able to do, but who I will be as I do it. What my focus will be, what will get me up out of bed every morning. Where my energy will be focused. And who will be supporting me as I do it.

As Sr. Jenna closes her article: "Yes, in this day and age for a young woman to enter the convent is not the "norm." But in this life I feel empowered to be who I need to be, to be part of the lungs of the Body of Christ, working to breathe the Holy Spirit’s life into this Church."


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Anonymous said...

That was a great article. The part that got me was:

"Surrounded by loving, caring women, I am freed to become my truest, best self. My defenses can come down. Talents are called forth. Always community calls me to keep seeking God. With energetic young companions and older wisdom figures as guides, I can dive into this spiritual journey trusting that I am not alone. I can seek God here."

Note to self: read St. Benedict's rule