new blog

Hi there! Just wanted to share a new blog I've found. Steph (who visits here sometimes) is sharing her experiences as a new-ish Benedictine Sister. It's Narrow at the Outset. Today she's got a great post about ... well .. go see for yourself.

Welcome to the blogosphere Sister!

When I have time I've got some blogroll cleaning up to do ... planning to add Steph's nun adventures.

Peace Out,

PS - My very own groovy sisters have 2 new candidates for vowed life this week. Hellen in the Western Province and Sue in the Eastern province have officially started the formation process. I've got my big meeting scheduled for September 17th. Congrats H & S!!


Joe said...

I'd like to second your congratulations of the new candidates - I'll be praying for them, and for you too as 9/17 draws closer. AMDG!

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Thanks Joe! It is very exciting. There are 2 other precandidates back east too.

So conceivably, if God gets it all sorted out, we could have 5 of us in the new congregational novitiate next year.

Of course, God has lots to sort out (my debt for one) so prayers are greatly appreciated!

Steph said...

Thanks .... ummm ... I think .... makes me kinda nervous .... but the vote of confidence helps.

We actually had two folks come in this evening --- they will enter as postulants at Morning Prayer tomorrow. So congrats and best wishes to your two!

And in terms of God "sorting things out" .... if he wants it, he will be SURE that it happens. Not that I'm bitter .... :-)

Susan Rose, CSJP said...


First how wonderful that your community has two new postulants. More hopeful signs about the future of religious life.

Second, as I just commented on your blog sorry if I have you the heebie-jebbies. But, I know from your visits here that you have wonderful knowledge and perspective to share. So, when I saw you had a blog ... well .. I wanted to spread the good news!

Perhaps we're breaking new "religious" ground in the blogosphere (there seem to mostly be priests who blog), I think it's a good thing to share our journeys and a bit about our communities. Of course it is OUR opinions, so the responsibility for our comments ends with us. Not our communities, not the church, not the female gender. Us.

So, to sum up, apologies but I know you'll do just fine!