and now for something completely different

Not really. Just back to a mish-mash of random thoughts about me, rather than deep social commentary.

I’m getting oodles of hits. The Washington Post site has a “Who’s blogging this article” feature now. I’m #3. The funny thing is the link is to my post on the New Orleans Convention Center where I don’t say much because I CAN’T say much. It’s just too horrible.

It’s possible folks I know in the DC area (or other DC refugees like me) will stumble across my blog this way. If so, yes this is me. Yes I’m thinking about becoming a nun. Interesting, eh? Who’d have thunk it?

The blog’s not exactly a secret but there are many people I haven’t told about it. Most of my family for one thing. Hmmmmm.... They know all about the discernment, just not this electronic key into my inner thoughts.

Let’s see what else? ... Just got back from the hair dresser. I’d been growing my hair out to save money - less haircuts. But it was driving me crazy! So I’m now back to short hair. I feel much lighter! Then stopped by the mall to buy a pair of jeans. My old ones were too big, and sure enough I’m a size smaller. Very cool!

Tomorrow I’m going to head into work super early, since I’m leaving early. Yes, I’m headed out of town again on groovy sister business. This time it’s official .... (drum roll please) ... I’m having my discernment meeting on Saturday where I get to discuss my application with the province leadership and we discern if I should begin candidacy. That’s the beginning of the formation process for those of you who are mystified by the snail-paced process to become a Catholic Sister. Used to be called, and in fact still is called by some communities, postulancy.

So it’s quite possible that by my next post I’ll no longer be Susan Rose, pre-candidate. Looking forward to moving on and losing the “pre” and moving a step closer to becoming Groovy Sister Susan Rose. Of course it’s all in God’s hands so we’ll see.Take care. Be good while I’m gone. I’ll try to do so myself.

Peace Out,


Joy Payton, nacj said...

Hi Susan,

Well, congrats on a little taste of fame (or is that notoriety?). I'll be praying for wisdom and clarity for you and the Groovy Sisters on Saturday. Today I started In-Search again, which is the intercommunity formation program in the Philly area. Nice to be around so many other novices and candidates... men and women, young and not so young.

Joy, nacj

Steph said...

I, too, send lots of warm-fuzzy-sock greetings your way. Good luck to you!

So, do I get bonus points for being a DC refugee, too?

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Thanks Guys! Or I suppose I should say Sisters! :)

My all time favorite thing so far about blogging is meeting my bloggy friends. A ready made support group. So nice for you two, who have gone before me not so long ago, share your wishes and know you'll be praying for me.

Off to work and then the 3 hour drive North.


Steph - I noticed the Hail to Redskins post on your site the other day. I remember getting the day off school (Catholic school no less) when they won the superbowl.

Lorem ipsum said...

Congrats on your exciting weekend coming up! Warm thoughts and prayers coming your way!

I think the short hair will help with the interview. I don't ever remember meeting a sister with long hair.

"Omis" said...

I'm praying for you at Mass today, Susan!

the reverend mommy said...

Hey, Susan, You will always be groovy to me, no matter long or short hair.

I send you prayers and a blessing.
May God keep you and bless you. May God shine His face upon you. May God help you to match your deepest passion with the world's greatest need.

Richard said...

You're in my prayers, Susan.

andrea said...

Prayers, Susan. May all go well.

I'm curious about something. You said that a candidate is the equivalent of a postulant in other communities. I was under the impression that the postulant lived in the community -- but you're not talking about that, are you?

"Omis" said...

Right...so if you're a candidate, on the first part of the formation process, will you continue working for the man, or will you quit, move in with the sisters, and start working for The Man?

(Sorry for the gender-specific terminology, but it works in my question as a cute device.)

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

I think I answered the questions about candidacy & my job in my post up above sharing the good news.

As to the short hair ... hmmm... I wasn't thinking about that. What happened was I saw some pictures of me from this summer, and my hair was "blah!". When I have cute hair, that's what I look at in the picture, not the rest of me. And I think my hair is cutest when its short. Hence the cut.

But..... I do have to admit Sisters have short hair. Subconcious at work?

In any case, I'm happy with it and with the weekend and with everything except for the fact that as I write this I'm at work (on a Sunday!) because I'm terribly behind. Sigh...