a blast from the medieval past

So the big boss stopped me at the copier and asked how things are going. I have this huge deadline today and I guess he could tell I was trying really hard to just deal without freaking out. (I'm managing so far)…

Anyway, I took it as a chance to share my news. I figured my immediate boss had already told him, and I was right. Of course when I asked him if he'd heard through the grapevine what I was planning to do with my life he said, "I did hear that you're considering joining a nunnery."

A nunnery? Do people honestly think that's what it's called these days? I'm not even really "joining the convent" since the groovy sisters live in houses and apartments. But a nunnery? Hmmm… well, I knew he didn't mean anything by it. It's just that like most folks, especially most non-Catholic folks, it is a foreign concept. Last they heard of someone doing what I'm doing I guess it was the middle ages and it was called a nunnery.

So I told him that it's not really called that anymore and told him about all the cool things the groovy sisters do around peace & justice, that I'd still be around for at least another year, and that I'll know if I'm being accepted to start the formation process soon. He also told me about his nephew who works with the Jesuits. (I love it when people reach back into their minds to share a bit of Catholic trivia! Kind of sweet really). He also said we need more people working for peace & justice. All in all a good response. Once I got over the nunnery part. :)

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Steph said...

Not that my family should be held as the model by any means, but ... my oldest sister especially loves talking about "the nunnery" .... my parents had a "Steph's going to the Nunnery" party before I entered .... my brothers' rewrote songs from "My Fair Lady" and "Sound of Music" to be all about my new nunly-ventures.