circuitous paths

Yesterday in the morning (before my discernment meeting) I joined with some Sisters and Associates (and those journeying to become Associates) for Sharing the Journey. STJ is the formation program for the associates. Lay people who are drawn to the groovy sister charism learn about the community and through prayer and study and their own discernment process, decide if they want to journey with the community as associate members. Anyway, as luck (or God) would have it, yesterday morning’s topic was Call & Discernment. Very fitting I though seeing what I had going on in the afternoon!

Sr. Susan who was leading the session asked us to hold in prayer for the morning a decision or situation we’ve been struggling with. I didn’t chose anything having to do with the Sisters, but a messy group dynamic situation in another part of my life. I’ll spare you the details. But the message I got that morning through prayer and reflection was not an aha moment. It was not a clear you should do this or you should do that. No solutions came to mind. What came to me was simply this. Stay the course. Walk the path. God will journey with you.

It’s a particularly complex and messy situation. I later got an e-mail from a friend embroiled in the same situation, where she shared her frustration with me and desire to just walk away from it. I‘ll admit I feel the same at times. So I continue to hold it in prayer. Seems like that’s all I can do.

Then this afternoon, I went for a solitary walk in my favorite wooded park. I walk those trails all the time, and yet in a weird way this afternoon they seemed different. It seemed like it should twist when it would turn or turn when it would twist. I’d expect the turn off before it came. Etc... Didn’t get lost or even disoriented, but it was a bit odd.

The thing is, when I walk in this park its usually a solitary walk with the big guy. So many times I have taken something to the park in prayer, and when I come out I realize all will be well and sometimes even have had some aha moments. But this time, it seemed like I was getting a part two of my message. Stay the course. Walk the path. It will lead where it needs to lead, you might just not feel like you know the way. But invite God to journey with you and your friends.

So, guess I’m not running away from the situation. Although I am taking a break from it.

Headed to DC on Wednesday to visit my Dad and Sr. Sheila (the Congregation leader).

Prayer is interesting to me. Very interesting .... Maybe there’s a part 3?

Rambling thoughts over. Time to get myself sorted out for a busy half of a week.


ShadowMayhem said...

Be warned it has been muggy here... yuck!

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Kat ... I was afraid of that. It's always a gamble, planning a trip to DC in late September. I refuse to go in the summer anymore unless absolutely necessary. 15 years in the Pacific Northwest have removed any ability I had to deal with humidity.

Hmmmm... what to pack? More of a question, when to find time to pack?