a good exercise

A commenter to the previous post asked me what it is that I'm seeking in community. What a good question, and one that I've obviously reflected on and will continue to do so. But this was a good opportunity to put it into a few words. Here goes:

What am I looking for in community? Well, the place where I can be who God is calling me to be. Where I feel loved and supported and strengthened and challenged. The place from which I can safely and competently live out the call I feel, which is to help bring about the reign of God. I'm looking for the place where I make the most sense and where the world makes more sense. The idea of community living and common prayer is appealing as well, but that's not the motivating factor. The motivating factor is as I said, finding the place where Iam strengthened, fed, supported and challenged to help transform the world through the gospel.

There's lots more about this scattered throughout my blog, but that's it in a nutshell. The amazing thing is it looks like I've actually found that. Plus the Sisters are wonderful, fun and funny. An added bonus … I smile so much when I am with them. And I feel so drawn to their charism (peace through justice) … it is the call I feel deep in my own heart. Amazing

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