Tale of Two Meetings

Or actually, the tale of 3 meetings although one was accidental.

Last night after a long day working for the man, I had a meeting at Church to plan a series of Advent Peace Vigils. I was exhausted when I arrived. We did good work and I think have planned another stellar opportunity for folks to gather in prayer for peace. After 45 minutes we were done and I was inspired and energized.

I had promised the parish office manager that I’d lock up the building (since I am "special" and have a key AND know the alarm code!). The thing was, another group was still meeting. I popped my head in as many of them are my friends. They too were doing great work – this time planning a new parish wide event for the spring tied into sustainability and the spirituality of the environment. I managed to escape volunteering for anything, but was able to offer some insights. After an hour and 15 minutes, I was even more inspired and energized. Got home at 9:30, did some follow up work on the peace vigils on the computer, sent some emails, went to bed around 11pm only because I knew I had to get up early, not because I was tired.

Flash forward one day. Got home about an hour ago from a 2 hour meeting at work. While most of the other folks were there because they wanted to be, I was there because I had to be (I'm staff to the committee). Good work was done I suppose but I was not inspired or energized. Focused on the tasks, but that’s about it. Got home at 8pm EXHAUSTED and DRAINED. Am about to crawl into bed, after some evening prayer which I hope puts me in a better space.

If I have any doubts about the path I am taking, the contrast between these experiences tells me that I am right to be following my heart. It is the path to energy and inspiration and light. I just need to make it through another 10 months of drudge work at my paying gig … not that anyone’s counting ;) !

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seeking_something said...

I know what you mean. Good job, by the way.