And God created pinochle

Well, someone created pinochle. And it’s a crazy game! My Seattle home hosted a pinochle party tonight. The first time I stayed here I witnessed a bridge party and was thoroughly confused by the rules (I just watched, wasn’t brave enough to play). Tonight I took the plunge and tried to learn pinochle. It seems easier, but then it’s probably easier to learn by playing, rather than just watching like I tried with bridge.

I slowly got the hang of it, and the Sisters were super nice explaining it as we went along. Turns out, my team won each game. Two rounds of four handed and two rounds of six handed.

There’s a lesson there I think. It’s one thing to be afraid of new things. But unless you try it, you don’t know a) if you can succeed or b) if it’s any fun.

Good busy day. Helped out with the website. Visited with the retired Sisters at groovy sister hq. Met with my formation director (twice). And managed to drive around without needing the map in my new weekend City.

Now I’m tuckered out and headed to bed.

Night All

PS – Advent is almost here. I started skipped ahead to read the Revgalblogpals Advent Reflection book. A wonderful example of how blogs have the potential to create community. And a beautiful piece of ecumenism. Check out the link in the sidebar. My brother (the only family member I’ve clued into the blog) just sent an e-mail that he bought a copy!


Steve Bogner said...

Pinochle is *the* card game that was always played by my 9 uncles at family reunions. It was very entertaining as a kid to watch the bidding, the hand & facial gestures of my dad and uncles. Then the cajoling and celebrations by those who won & lost.

I didn't inherit the pinochle gene though. I actually have very little interest in card games for some reason.

Steph said...

The ability to play pinochle was a requirement if you wanted to get a job in youth ministry in the Archdiocese of Baltimore ... but they gave us a six-month probationary period in which we could learn.

I ended up deciding to do the book for Christmas presents for my family, so I only have a few more days (I'm going home at Thanksgiving, and so doing gifts then) of family-free blogging .... still not sure how I feel about that, but ... we'll see. I decided the book was too cool!

Shushan said...

Havent played pinochle since I was a kid but I remember it being fun.

Lately I've been playing yachtzee with my son. heh

Susan in VA