First Weekend in November

Last year at this time I was set to go to the groovy sisters’ other spot on a different lake (their vacation house/cabin) for a gathering of all those at different stages of discernment/formation and their mentors … inquirers (which I was at the time), pre-candidates, candidates and temporary professed. From what I’ve been told it’s a fun weekend gathering, a time for prayer and discernment and discussion and visiting. I didn’t go at the last minute. Instead I flew back east to be with my Dad as he came out of emergency brain surgery. Scary moments. Emotional. But, thank God dad’s doing very well one year later.

Tomorrow I am indeed headed up to the groovy sisters' other spot on a different lake for the initial formation gathering. Very much looking forward to it. They do this twice a year, but I also missed the May gathering as I instead made a happier trip back east to my niece’s first communion in Alabama.

Have a blessed weekend everyone. I’ll be back Saturday night.

Peace Out,

PS – the other "bonus" of my last minute trip back east last November? When I left it was election night eve and we didn’t know the results. My red eye flight had me flying through Houston. As I got off the plane at 6 am the day after election day, I instantly knew the man from Texas had beat the man from Massachusetts. The natives seemed so happy, the refugees from the coasts were huddled around the tv sets looking stunned. I was already stunned due to the reason for my trip. It took a few weeks for the reality of it to sink in. Of course, I don’t think any of us, the president included, imagined what the next year would bring. Can you believe it’s only been a year???????


Steph said...

I was just thinking that the other morning. Sometime last weekend, with all the latest news, there was a tiny part of me that almost felt bad for Bush, saying that he's got a REALLY long 2.5 years ahead of him. It didn't hit me until a couple days later that he's actually got more like 3.5 years. Can't even imagine ....

Have an awesome weekend -- hope it's full of fall color!

Lisa said...

Enjoy these times, Susan, that are written into the rhythm of your formation as a religious of peace!
They are treasured opportunities and moments of extraordinary grace.