Ode to the Spaghetti Dinner.

I love our parish Spaghetti Dinner. Today is the 62nd annual. Just got back from a very filling spaghetti & meatball lunch with Sr. Julie. Came back home to see her off back on her way to Seattle. In about an hour I’m headed back to church for my afternoon shift to work ... I’m helping with the takeout operation this year.

While the spaghetti is scrumptious at this old Italian parish of mine, that’s not what I love about the Spaghetti Dinner.

I love that everyone (and I mean everyone) chips in for this annual event. Young and old. Progressive and traditional. Long time parishioners and new faces. The usual suspects and those who only volunteer once a year, for the spaghetti dinner. Working in a spirit of welcome and hospitality ... together.

I love that so many of our friends and neighbors come by. They’re drawn by our famous “Secret Recipe” for the sauce and meatballs. But a little time in our parish hall in the midst of the operation around them, they get a feel for the welcoming parish community that we try to be. It’s like throwing a big open house party.

I love the relationships that are strengthened. The bonds that are built around good food, fun and hard work. And the conversations that happen around the table, as we break bread together and twirl spaghetti on our forks. Mostly I think what I love is the energy, fellowship and general good spirits that pervade our parish hall this time of year. It’s really about community. The spaghetti and meatballs are a bonus ... as is the vegetarian sauce ... a new addition in recent years! Well, that and the money that we’ll raise which will be put to very good use.

Yeah for the Spaghetti Dinner!

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