vocations, fear and monsters

What does this say about my blog? Today I had brief visits from someone looking (twice .. two separate searches) for information about the positive aspects of monsters. And someone else looking for insight into the correlation between vocations and fear.

At least I can honestly say that at this moment on a Monday evening in November, not much fear and my monsters are pretty tame. Work meeting went well. My boss after said to me, "Susan, I wanted to tell you that you do an excellent job." So good … of course the praise comes as I approach the door, but that’s ok.

Then I went on a brisk evening walk under the almost full moon. And the song that my inner deejay decided to play was one often sung at groovy sister community events. "Companions on the journey." Don’t remember the exact words, but the inner deejay version of it that was replaying went like this … "And in the life we share is the love we share. For we believe in the love of our God. We believe in the love of our God."

Not an exact quote, but sums up where I am. I do in fact believe in the love of my God, and as Richard so aptly said in his comment to my last post … Yes Lord I do believe, help my unbelief.

It’s enough to sustain me for now. And this weekend I head up for groovy sister reserves. Good stuff. And at the moment, the monsters are staying in their hiding places under the bed.

PS – I noticed a theme in some of my posts, so I’ve added a drop down menu of "conversations with Jesus." The last post is in that list.


Sheila said...

If my guitar-mass memory serves, I think the full chorus is:

We are companions on the journey
breaking bread and sharing wine
And in the life we share
Is the love we bear
For we believe in the love of our God,
We believe in the love of our God.

So your inner DJ was pretty good!

Sheila said...

Sorry, posted too soon. I knew I shoulda googled first. According to this page, your DJ and I were both off:

We are companions on the journey, breaking bread and sharing life,
and in the love we bear is the hope we share
for we believe in the love of our God... We believe in the love of our God.

Sorry, Carey Landry. (My mom had a bunch of his records! I should know better.)

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Thanks Sheila!

I knew I didn't have it right.

Steph said...

As a thoroughly random and unnecessary segue .... Carey Landry is brother-in-law to one of the sisters in my community. Course, the connection _I_ like to play up far more than that is that my brother was David Haas' accompanist for National Pastoral Musicians convention. But, then again, my brother is also Piano God, so .... I'm slightly biased!