20,000 served ... almost

Sometime today or tomorrow, according to my site meter and the general traffic patterns of this blog, I am going to hit
20,000 visits
to this blog since I restarted the counter on April 22, 2005. That absolutely astounds me. As does the geographical variety of my visitors. In the last few days folks have stopped by from around the US & Canada, Singapore, Germany, Australia, Philippines, Sweden, Egypt, Switzerland, India, Venezuela, Israel, France and the Netherlands.

Some have been searching for things related to my musings, such as Margaret Anna Cusack (groovy sister foundress), or for things seemingly not related to my musings at all, like ticklish pedicures (from my barefoot before God post). Some have come by way of other friends blogs. Some have actually been looking for my musings.

My little blog is still a little blog, and I like it that way. I know there are blogs out there that get 1,000 visits a day or more. I have no aspirations in that direction. But I will admit that I get a kick out of the fact that my random thoughts touch some people some where sometimes.

So welcome! And if you’re a lurker, why not drop me a comment or map yourself on my frappr map so I know to whom I am musing????


Lorem ipsum said...

Congrats! Now I just wish I could remember how I came to find your blog...

Hope said...

I come and read your blog but don't comment very often - or maybe I never have commented. I do know that I enjoy being able to read about your journey. I like your honesty and your willingness to share your human struggles with us.

Mitzie said...

i may be one of those readers from the philippines. just wanted to know how nuns and nuns-to-be live. and also priests and seminarians/novices. =)