gone spying

I'm headed out to New Jersey Friday morning on my not so secret spy mission to the groovy sister Eastern province and the novitiate location. I've been doing some internet reconnaissance in preparation for the trip. This picture is the view from St. Peter's College which is next door to the east coast groovy sister hq where I'll be staying (and living come September if all continues to go according to plan). It gives you an idea of the urban location, although it seems like the spot is smack dab in the middle of the Palisades Interstate Park which has lots of hiking trails.

The trip should be fun. For one thing I'll get to visit with fellow candidates Sue & Dorothy and meet lots of east coast groovy sisters. I'm also getting the whirl wind tour of the province. On the agenda are visits to a number of the groovy sister sponsored ministries: our retreat house on the Jersey shore, our ministry to the poor in Jersey City and hospital in Teaneck. And for the first time, my visit to Newark Liberty airport will involve actually leaving the airport! Normally I just change planes there.

The only wrinkle at this point is that I seem to have caught "the cold" that's been making the rounds at work. I stayed home from work to rest Wednesday but have a busy day ahead of me Thursday, and then hop on a plane Friday. Oh well ... it will still be a great trip.

Rest assured I'll report back to you to let you know all about it. Although it may have to be in the format of a self-destructing blog post! I'll be back home Monday night.


Mark Mossa, SJ said...

That's cool!

I know exactly where you'll be!

I did some campus ministry work at St. Peter's College while I was doing studies in New York.

Happy Trails!

Lisa said...

An added detail -- the view from "St. Peter's College" is from the Englewood Cliffs campus, what us Jersey City folks consider the satellite of the "real" SPC campus :)

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Yup, it's the Englewood Cliffs campus of St. Peter's College.

That's where the east coast groovy sister hq is, although there are also lots of csjp's in jersey city as well.

Lisa said...

The Sisters HQ in Englewood Cliffs is a nice place and the view of New York City from the Palisades is a sight to behold!

Enjoy --- especially the treasured ones at St. Michael's Villa!