recruitment weirdness

They've posted the job announcement for the recruitment to hire my replacement. I'm here till August, but it takes forever to navigate the governmental hiring process. Plus they're hoping to double fill for a few months to have a training period. There's lots of knowledge trapped in my brain that I need to transfer!

Now of course people are seeing the announcement and asking me if it's my job (which is pretty obvious if you read it) and if I'm leaving. Which leads me to telling them that I'm becoming a Catholic sister. Which almost always leads to a pregnant pause of surprise, and then a variety of responses. It's been interesting today to say the least. One person wants to pick my brain to see if she wants to apply for the job. Another told me he couldn't believe I'm leaving because I'm an "institution."

Which leads me to think it's definitely time for me to move on to something else, if only to avoid furthering my institution status. Egads!

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