thoughts on prayers

Lorem has a great honest post up about prayer, a wee bit of which I'll quote below (hope that's ok my friend):
Sometimes I will say that I'm praying for a miracle, and when I do that it's a pretty extreme thing, ... But in my heart I wonder whether prayer really does any good. But it makes us feel better when we say it, and when people say it to us. For those who believe, it does mean something. And for those who try to believe... well, it's hitting quite the brick wall at times, isn't it?

Sister Christer, in responding to the freeing of the Christian Peacemakers, writes (again, hope quoting you is ok friend):

Thank God. Thank you, God. I believe in the intercession of the saints. I believe Tom Fox had a great deal to say to God for the remaining members of his team. Thank you, Tom.

Prayer. I've been thinking a lot about prayer, in a questioning wondering sort of way. Spurred on this time by my little friend Gigi, but reminiscent of the battles I had when my mom was dying. Am I praying for a miracle? Do I think God is sitting there with a score card, counting the prayers so that once they reach a tipping point, the miracle is dispensed? No ... although I do believe in the miraculous power of prayer. But it's mysterious. A lot of the miraculous power of prayer I think comes from the very fact that we as human beings are touching into that something which is greater than ourselves. We are caring for others, opening our hearts to our loving God, opening our hearts to the needs and sufferings of our brothers and sisters. By holding our friends in need in prayer, I think we strengthen ourselves and strengthen them. Good vibes, good thoughts, prayers. Whatever you call it, it is a human instinct. A good human instinct.

Rambling thoughts ... which I'm sure will continue rambling in my little old head for years and years and years to come. Thanks Lorem and Christine for adding some fresh thoughts into the mix.

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