baptizing dada

When I was in DC last week, my Dad & I went to the Dada exhibit at the National Gallery of Art. I saw this adaptation of the Mona Lisa by Marcel Duchamp in fact.

What is Dada you ask? Check out this story on
NPR and this page from the National Gallery. The NPR story describes Dada as the daddy of surealism ... "Dada was a moral and ethical response to the slaughter of World War I. In grief, rage, and despair, Dada used art to comment on the world, making art an indictment of the hypocrisies that wiped out a generation. "

Now, over at the former View from the Pew (newly rechristened the View from the Choir), Lee Strong is starting a Christian Dadaist movement of sorts. From his "manifesto": "We now live in a world where we are at war with our very souls. We live in a world that is rigid and hypocritical in its love of excess – of wealth and sensuality and the worship of the individual. We live on the fruits of Dada and the civilization that spawned it. But in Dada, as in all of creation, there is truth. Dada just needed to be baptized. ... So what we need is a Christian Dada movement. A movement to challenge the soul of the world with our absurd faith."

VERY interesting! He's been very busy baptizing Dada. Go check out his blog and see for yourself! There is no Dada without an audience after all. :)


Lisa said...

Susan, when you have a chance, please check out my blog. I tagged you for a random meme.

Anonymous said...

Interesting!!!Dada in Swahili means sister.

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

That is very interesting, oh anonymous commenter. Any chance that's my swahili speaking Sister to be???

At the exhibit last weekend I learned that the original artists picked the word Dada because it means so many different things in different languages. In French it's rocking horse. In Romanian it's yes, yes. And in German it's something like "see you later" or "get off my back."