groovy horoscope

Courtesy of fellow groovy sister candidate (and loyal lurker) Dorothy ...

My horoscope for last Friday, the day I arrived at east coast groovy sister hq for my spy mission:

"Leo - 'For every disciplined effort, there is a multiple reward,' says business philosopher Jim Rohn. One of your rewards may be a journey to an exotic locale. You've been working diligently for the longest time, and even though this possible getaway may be a business trip, it appears that you'll be able to squeeze in some fun. The recent solar eclipse put a spotlight on your distant-city area, so you may find your best opportunities on the road."

I've never been one to follow my horoscope, but this one was a riot and right on. There was much fun, laughter and silliness squeezed into the serious business of exploring my future (if temporary) home. And what's more exotic than New Jersey?? :)

PS - Dorothy, if you're reading this I managed to see a wild turkey right before I left Englewood yesterday!

To every one else, did I mention there are wild turkeys and groundhogs that meander the beautiful grounds of east coast groovy sister hq? No kidding!

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