punk rock God

Another byproduct of my biweekly trips to Seattle for groovy sister reserves is that I spend a lot of time in the car. This trip I ended up rewriting the lyrics to the Dead Milkmen’s Punk Rock Girl. I’ve been doing a lot of discerning/pondering/reflecting these days, and realizing that God has exhibited a definite tenacity, persistence, wicked sense of humor and dare I say punk rock spirit in my life to get me to this point. And so I give you my vocation story … to the tune of "Punk Rock Girl."

“Punk Rock God.”

One Saturday I took a walk along the beach
I heard and felt a call that almost knocked me dead

Punk rock God
Are you sure it’s me?
Punk rock God
What do you see?
We could transform the world
Just you and me punk rock God

God tapped me on the shoulder
And said what do you have to lose?
I shook my head and smiled and said I did not know

Punk rock God
I’ll give you a chance
Punk rock God
But what about romance
I’ll get back to you when I’m 40
Just you and me punk rock God

There I was confused and thinking
I was called to something
But it seemed too crazy, me in religious life
So I continued on life’s journey and did some cool stuff
I got involved at church it was fun and energizing
Peace and social justice work
Then mom died of cancer
Knew there was more to life

God hadn’t forgotten my call and put people in my path
To help me navigate and discern and realize well why not

Punk rock god
Guess I’ll go explore
Punk rock girl
See if there’s a place for me
Where I’ll belong and know
Yeah you're for me punk rock God

I met some groovy sisters
Their call was peace through justice
They lived the gospel values joyfully
I started to make more sense
My call made more sense too
I told God maybe I’d been wrong before why wait till I turn 40?

Decided to apply away we started rollin
I’m so thankful to my punk rock God
For not giving up on me

Punk rock God
It seemed so wild
Punk rock God
You always knew
I’d be at home with them
Just you and me
My very groovy sisters
Just you and me
Working to create a better world
Just you and me
Punk rock God


Karl Bakla said...

I was just listening to Soul Rotation by the Dead Milkmen they were such a great band, punk rock god, sounds like me err that would be punk rock elite that is

Chris T. said...

God definitely has some punk-rock traits. ;-)

Incidentally, have you ever heard The Magnetic Fields? They have a song on their huge "69 Love Songs" album called "Punk Love" that just cracks me up.

SingingOwl said...

LOLOL! Praying for ya!

Groovy CSJP Voc Director said...

love the Punk Rock God lyrics... I even went to itunes to hear the music for Punk Rock Girl... nice! I'm planning on reading your composition to the high school group that I will be meeting with in San Diego...peace,
Groovy CSJP Voc Director

leonora afuyog said...