assorted discernment related comments and observations

Howdy everyone. I’m back from my weekend at our groovy vacation house. Twice a year those of us in initial formation for vowed life (precandidates, candidates, and first professed) gather with our mentors and formation folks to pray, share and spend time together. Our other formation gatherings include lay people discerning associate membership. It’s a different feel just to be with Sisters and those of us on the path to becoming Sisters. This weekend we learned that we have a new precandidate … a very warm and friendly woman named Cynthia! She joined with us this weekend and seemed right at home with the general level of grooviness.

Next year my fellow candidate Chero & I will not be at our groovy vacation house weekends as we’ll be back in New Jersey at the Novitiate House (assuming all continues going according to plan and we’re accepted in the next month or so). On my 2 ½ hour drive home the enormity of this transition I’m going through hit me … It’s such a mix of emotions, a blog post could not do it justice. Just know that I can use all the prayers you can spare and muster these next few months. I feel wonder and peace at this journey and what’s ahead, but it’s so very intense at the same time. I need to pull out the pair of virtual warm fuzzy socks Steph loaned me a while ago!

Next Saturday I meet with our province leadership team to discern my readiness to enter in the fall. They’ll make a recommendation to our Congregation leader who will consult the Congregation Council and make her decision. I should hopefully know the official word within a month or so! I have no reason to doubt what the decision will be, but it will good to be officially accepted.

The next three months will then be a busy balancing act of tying things up at work (where I’ve worked for 11 years!), packing/purging my belongings (I’ve lived in the same apartment for the same 11 years so you can just imagine), and saying goodbye (or see you later) to friends and parishioners. At the same time I’m continuing to go up North for groovy sister reserves on weekends.

August 18 is my last day at work. August 26 I’ll head to Seattle for Reception into the Novitiate. Then I’ll be saying goodbye/see you later to the Sisters I’ve come to know and love in the Northwest as the Novitiate will be in New Jersey. Entrance Date in New Jersey is September 8th!

I have a feeling September 8th will be here before you know it! Terribly exciting and somewhat terrifying at the same time! I’m getting an idea of what the disciples must have felt … both when they dropped everything to follow that Jesus guy and after the Resurrection when the enormity of their mission hit them. Good thing the Holy Spirit was with them and is with us now, eh?!!

Oh yeah … one bit of good news I forgot to share. This blog will continue after September 8th. I got permission to keep the blog when I’m in novitiate so you can continue to follow along on the journey.


Melanie said...

I've been lurking for a while and really enjoy your blog. How nice you'll be able to continue after September - I was wondering if you would. I look forward to continuing to read about your adventure ;)

A said...

Good news about the blog. I'll will continue to pray for you Susan.

Talmida said...

Count me among the people who pray for you Susan. I'm enjoying watching your journey so much.


andrea said...

I'm glad you'll continue the blog. It's been wonderful seeing your journey so far, and will be equally wonderful to watch it continue to unfold. Blessings.

Steph said...

Again .... I'll still be here as you progress. Might be slighly brain-fried as exams draw near, but anytime you need those socks --- they're in storage right now! :-)

Much peace to you!