God knows

These words jumped out at me at mass yesterday evening. They're from the 2nd reading...

for God is greater than our hearts and knows everything (1 John 3:20)

Wow! That just about stopped me. I've been feeling lots these days ... much of it very deeply. I think it would be hard to be experiencing so much change and transition and NOT feel deeply. I also happen to be a formerly very heavy hearted person who learned to befriend her feelings and treat them with respect and dignity. Not to get into complicated therapy talk, but basically the feelings will be there anyway, and I learned years ago that it's best for me to deal with them head on, talk them through wih folks, take them to prayer etc... Otherwise they just manifest in very unhealthy ways.

But with all I've been feeling lately, this has at times left me (and most likely those close to me) exhausted! I am no longer heavy hearted, but my heart has certainly been getting a workout these days.

And so this bit from 1 John was just what I needed ... to remind myself that God is greater than our hearts and knows everything. As tired as my heart may be at times, God's love is greater than my heart. God knows. God is there. God gives me strength and grace and countless blessings.

Today this grace and blessing was in the form of the simple gift of community. I had a good day with my local community of Sisters before I drove back to Portland. Reading the morning paper together, a nice walk in the park, and a late afternoon bbq. A good way to ease back into what promises to be a super busy week.

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