jersey bound

Part of the deal with becoming a groovy sister is spending some time in the lovely state of New Jersey for my Novitiate starting in September. A friend sent me a link to an article about how my soon to be temporary home is having difficulties coming up with a state slogan ...

TRENTON, N.J. - New Jersey: We're Not So Good With Slogans.

The state has jettisoned "Come See For Yourself," its second attempt at a tagline in less than a year. It was the product of a statewide contest set up by then-acting Gov. Richard J. Codey last fall, after he rejected a consultant's offering: "We'll Win You Over."

State tourism officials said legal issues led them to scrap the latest slogan, explaining that West Virginia and other states previously used "Come See For Yourself."

Codey, now state Senate president, dismissed "We'll Win You Over" because he said it reminded him too much of when he was single and asked girls out on a date.

If it makes you Jersey folks feel any better, my adopted state of Oregon came up with the doozy of "Oregon. We love dreamers." Whatever that means!

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Susan D, CSJP said...

My favorite among the suggested slogans: New Jersey - you got a problem with that?