nieces and nephews

Well folks .... hopefully some time in the very near future (if not already) I'll be an Aunt for the sixth time! My oldest sister is at the hopsital in Alabama as I type working very hard to bring my newest little niece into the world. Prayers are of course coming her way!!

Speaking of nieces, I also just got news that I'll get to see my oldest nephew and his mom in two weeks. I find it so hard to believe, but he's checking out colleges! We're going to try to rendezvous two weeks from Friday in Vancouver, BC.

I was 16 when he was born so it is quite disturbing to think he is old enough to be college bound. I was wise beyond my years and knew everything when he was born (or so I thought). Now here it is 17 years later and I know nothing. He probably knows everyting .... Funny how that works.

My sister's oldest daughter is 9 years old, which is the age difference between my sister & me. It will be interesting to see what kind of relationship develops between the new little one and her big sister.

Ahhh .... family!

UPDATE: Mom & Baby are safe ... Welcome Julia Michael!


Richard said...

Congrats on your new niece!

Steph said...

That's how it is with me & my oldest nephew .... it's very bizarre the moments when I realize that some of my kids at home could be some of my kids in my classroom!