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The big news in my little neck of the woods today is that the local FBI office has apparently tried to infiltrate City Hall!

Portland Mayor Tom Potter said Wednesday that an FBI agent tried to recruit an informant inside City Hall, even though there doesn't appear to be any criminal investigation. Potter held a press conference and released an open letter that describes an incident early this month. The Mayor said a mid-level employee was approached on the street outside City Hall by an FBI agent. (OPB Radio Story).

While I am a mid-level City Hall employee who often finds herself on the street outside City Hall, I swear … it wasn't me!!! :)

As if the CIA tracking our phone conversations wasn't bad enough, now I've got to be on the lookout for the FBI when I head into work!! Although not for much longer. My countdown calendar at the bottom of the blog tells me I have 2 months 3 weeks and 4 days left as a bureaucrat.

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Michelle said...


So I would assume this is probably happening in a lot of cities across the country. Or maybe just ours because Potter wouldn't agree to being a part of the Terror Taskforce.

You city workers are dangerous! LOL