power rankings and bow ties

Found via the Washington Post ... a group "serving" lobbyists has calculated the "power ranking" of our members of Congress.

My bowtied representative is a lowly 314. Of course, he just won the Democratic Primary with 90% of the vote. Hastert & Delay are Nos. 1 & 2 respectively ... My childhood representative Steny Hoyer is No. 15.

According to the Post article:

The rankings take into account such factors as tenure, committee positions, party membership, money contributed to congressional candidates through leadership PACs and the degree to which a politician was able to shape legislation through amendments. ...

The rankings do not take into account a lawmaker's success in earmarking funds for the home district, or the value of constituent service. "We recognize that this is not the totality of a contribution of a member of Congress to their constituents," Fitch said.

They apparently don't take into account bow ties or being a founding member of the Bike Caucus either. Or pending legal troubles either in the case of Tom Delay.

Lunch break over ... back to work for me!

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