site meter fun

Periodically it’s fun (and/or unsettling) to inspect your site meter and see how people are finding your random musings (as Steph recently discovered). What does my magic site meter tell me? Recent visitors and their search terms include….

The coolest thing I discovered via the link from Venezuela… you can read my blog in Spanish!

Musings de una muier que discienre - Los musings ocasionales de una mujer católica 30-something que discierne una llamada al "acto justo, aman blando y caminan humildemente con el dios." Pensamientos el mi discernimiento de la vocación, comunidad, la iglesia, el mundo y la vida en general.

And groovy sister? That’s translated as “la hermana maravillosa”


Lorem ipsum said...

I don't know what 'maravillosa' means (I took French), but it sounds like marvelous. Which you are.

Universitarios en Misión said...

Uh, oh.

My proselytism has been discovered XDD

No, the Musings fan club has not really been founded, so, probably the mysterious Venezuelan was me, from a different computer. But I´d be glad to bring some new visitors here. In fact, from Guatemala (Remember the sisters I met at the wedding?).

I love how the Google translator turned the word "musings" to the verb "discierne". The blog fan club would be called, appropiately, "Los Discernidores" (Those who discern). It left out, musings, which is synonym with "murmullos", or whispers. "Los Murmuradores" or "The Whisperers", would be the fan club´s rock band XDDDD

So, there, mystery at least has answers.

Estefanía Salazar said...

Oopss, the last comment is from me, Estefanía..I logged on with other blog we´re preparing.