Quick Update #3

We have returned from our 1st overnight gathering of our Intercomunity Novitiate program. I have many thoughts racing through my head that I plan to reflect on over the next few days, bringing them to my heart as well. But I'll share two with you:

One ... I was amazed at the diversity of the group we will be journeying with. We have 8 men, 10 women from a total of eight different communities ranging in ages from very early twenties to early fifties. We have folks from the US, Kenya, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam, Romania, and Guatemala. And I suspect we have a diversity among theological and political perspectives as well. Among the Sisters, about half are wearing habits, half not. I feel so blessed to have such a richly diverse group with which to study, learn and share.

Two ... related to number one above, I am filled with such amazing hope for our church and our world. To think that each of these men and women have answered a call to serve God's people. As I was sitting in the chapel during liturgy yesterday, I looked around and knew that God had plans for each one of us, that we will all play a part in co-creating our future and living our present as God's people on earth.

Amazing. We'll head back next Tuesday for our first set of classes on the History of Religious Life and Liturgical Planning.


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan!

Which communities, apart from your own, are being represented in this Novitiate?


Susan Rose Francois, CSJP said...

Estefania (and other inquiring minds...),

I'm going to preface my response by stressing that I am sharing my journey here so I'm going to have to be careful not to share anything about my companions' journeys (in my community or the others). But I think I can share the names of the other communities ... It varies from year to year as it depends on who has Novices. But this year, my classmates will be ...

Carmelite Friars
Oblates of St Frances de Sales
Daughters of St Paul
Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother
Sisters of St John the Baptist
IHM Scranton
Sisters of Christian Charity

and of course, Sisters of St Joseph of Peace.

A very diverse mix! The 3 of us CSJPs being (I'm making a very educated guess here) on the more progressive spectrum of the group. But I love that we'll all be learning and sharing together!

Lisa said...

My SCC sisters are part of the program. What a neat surprise to find out that the Daughters of Saint Paul also are there. I didn't realize that they are part of this RFC region!

May the blessings keep coming!!