dinner accomplished

The Novitiate House has been a hubub of activity the past few days. We've been preparing to host our Congregation Council for dinner this evening. The five of us plus the 8 groovy Councilors and 1 groovy staff person. (The Congregation Council consists of our 2 Congregation Leaders, 3 Provincials and 1 Councilor from each province).

It was a great chance for us all to work together to plan the evening and get things ready. In the end it was all worth it ... a wonderful evening was had by all. I know they have been busy all week with their Council meetings, and will continue meeting through Sunday. Hopefully this was a good break for them. I know we enjoyed getting to know them all better.

Our evening started in the living room turned prayer space with a prayer service for the International day of Prayer for Peace ... which is actually tomorrow. We then moved to our dining room (which had magically expanded to include dining space for 14) for a Thanksgiving like feast.

The weekend is pretty well unprogrammed. I'm looking forward to recovering from a busy week, catching up on some reading and getting back into the swing of solitude and prayer.

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