I was walking on the treadmill earlier today when an oldie by Ben Lee came on the old ipod shuffle.

You know you never change your ways
And I don't mean the life you lead
You know you never change your ways
And I don't know what you need

And I don't want you to lose your inhibitions
Just be a bit more flexible
By dictionary definition
Be a bit more ductile like me

Hmmm... it's funny, because I've been feeling a need & desire to be more ductile. This year is all about deepening and stretching. At the moment, I'm feeling fairly flexible. A situation that will probably change any moment now!

Out of curiousity, anybody know if Ben Lee & Clare Danes are still a couple? Chances are slim (that was ages ago) but who knows.


Anonymous said...

I got his album "Awake is the New Sleep," and something I read about it said that at least one of the songs were about his break-up with CD. But I'd never even heard of him till Pandora.com started playing his songs for me! (I should just get music suggestions from you; it would be quicker.)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I forgot: I envy you for having missed that whole dustup where Billy Crudup left the very-pregnant Mary-Louise Parker and took up with Claire Danes! I think they're still an item.

Anonymous said...

here's another groovy novice site to check out: http://csjslnovitiate.blogspot.com/index.html

I'm not in their community, but enjoy hanging out with them.