what do I do all day?

I think a few weeks ago I promised to maybe some day share what our daily schedule is like. Well, now that I’m starting to get into the groove I can share it I think. And I have a format I can steal from … (another Novice’s blog I discovered recently!).

So … What do I do? The short answer is pray and live community. But for those of you not satisfied without details, I give you the basic schedule. What appear to be huge gaps of time in the schedule are actually times for personal prayer and reflection. It's amazing how busy this simple schedule seems at times! And so I give you a day in the life of a canonical groovy novice...

7am - Morning Prayer
11 - Individual Conference with my Novice Director
4:30 Liturgy
5:15 - Dinner
6 - Scripture Course

7am - Morning Prayer
8:15 we leave for our Intercommunity Novitiate Program (we stay overnight)
10 - 12 Class
1 - 2:45 Class
5 - Liturgy
6 - Dinner
8 - Evening Prayer

9 - 11 - Class
11:15 Liturgy
1 - 2:45 Class
We're back home by 4.
5:30 - Dinner

7am - Morning Prayer
11:30 - Liturgy
5:00 - Evening Prayer
5:30 Dinner

7am - Morning Prayer
11 - Novices Conference with Novice Director
5:00 - Evening Prayer
5:30 - Dinner

Laundry, Household Chores, Free Day
5:30 - Liturgy

9:30 - Morning Prayer
10 - Liturgy (if we didn't go to Saturday Vigil)
12 - Dinner with the Sisters at the motherhouse
5 - Evening Prayer


Anonymous said...

cool, I often wish my day was more structered asround prayer. What do you do in all the free time?

Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing these details. For those unfamiliar with the experience of novitiate, another way of thinking about it is novitiate as simply being rather than doing, as growing into being more of whom God calls one to be as a consecrated religious... one small step at a time :)

Eleanor Burne-Jones said...

Er, on candles, I'm 130-ish hours into a 1000 hour prayer vigil for church conflict transformation, and I can't find, anywhere, candles which will stay lit if I vigil outside, and that last for 25 hours or 20 hours, or some approximate time which will multiple conveniently up to 1000 hours. Do you know where I can get them?

Warmest blessings and glad to have you on the sisterbloggers ring!
Eleanor n/TSSF