beatitudinal synchronicity

We started a new course at our intercommunity program this week. Actually we started two new courses - Personal Integration & Theology of the Vows. Both presenters will excellent and I think these 5 week courses will provide much food for thought and reflection.

Our homework for our Vows class was to look closely at the Vows Formula in our Constitutions - to memorize it in fact - and reflect on what words speak to us most dearly. So, I pulled out my copy of the groovy Constitutions and noticed this bit just before the Vow formula:

We commit ourselves to one another in community,
we signify our availability for service in mission,
and we express our willingness to become peacemakers
in the spirit of the beatitudes.

In the spirit of the beatitudes. I'd never noticed that before! I've been praying about the beatitudes and how to live them in my life ever since I started working on my All Saints' Day Reflection. And here it is in the section on vows in our constitutions. How willing am I to become a peacemaker in the spirit of the beatitudes. There's a lot packed into that ... good thing I've got almost 2 years before first vows!

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