Holiday shopping

We're hosting a party at the Novitiate House tomorrow afternoon for the Sisters who live next door. We're expecting about 40 Sisters from the Infirmary & Assisted Living center to attend our shindig. As you can expect, we've been busy with the pre-party preparations.

Today I went to the local grocery story to make some last minute purchases. My cart was full, and I was carefully scanning the list to make sure I'd gotten everything when it hit me ... Here I am, a young nun shopping for a bunch of older nuns. And what's in my cart? Wine, cream puffs, mini eclairs (which my spell check wanted to change to hecklers), french onion dip, and other assorted treats. Oh yeah, and a bottle of Irish Whiskey. I even got carded at the checkout line. If only she knew ....

(And yes, in case you are wondering, Sisters can have a drink on occasion, especially at a Christmas Party hosted by "the future of the community"!)

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