snow globe confession

I have a confession to make ... I am addicted to the RevGalBlogPal Daily Trivia Challenge. Does it matter that I rarely get all 10 questions correct? NO! Does it matter than the only prizes are bragging rights and assorted fake prizes? NO! It's a fun way to spend 2 to 3 minutes each day AND as an added bonus it is a way to connect with my revgalblogpals.

This morning I actually got all the questions right! A rare occurrence indeed, and one that deserved to be commemorated. So, I cashed in some of my FunTrivia Bucks and "purchased" this cute little snow globe. It seemed seasonal!

Today's a busy day so I should get going. I've got my individual conference with my Novice Director where I'll be sharing my 3 month personal evaluation. Then it's off to the Hospital for my 2nd day as a volunteer in the pastoral care department.

Peace Out my bloggy friends,

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will smama said...

Bitchin' snowglobe, dude!