the good kind of hard

WaPo has an interesting feature of video stories "that take you into the musings, passions, histories and quirks of all sorts of people. The essence of who they are, who we are.. " The head story is of Sister Anne Elizabeth, a Visitation Sister from Georgetown. It's worth checking out.
"I get up every day wondering what I did to be so lucky. It's the good kind of hard. It's not hard like miserable hard, it's hard in a good way in that it's a challenge and it's something you want very much." - Sister Anne Elizabeth

I know my life is very different from Sister Anne Elizabeth's. But like her, I find my life a challenge but at the same time something I want very much. It's hard, but I guess it's the good kind of hard. :)

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Sarah Clark said...

What a neat lady, and what a cool blog! I always learn something neat from your posts. Know that you're in this Episcopalian's prayers as you go through your unbloggable journey. :-)