loving God by loving others and through confrontation

Blog reader Betsy sent me this nifty "worship style assessment" quiz. Turns out my temperment favors a "Caregiver/Activist" approach to worship.

My results:
Caregiver - 25%
Activist - 25%
Contemplative - 23%
Ascetic - 23%
Naturalist - 23%
Intellectual - 22%
Traditionalist - 22%
Sensate - 22%
Enthusiast - 19%

Caregiver - Loving God by Loving Others:
Caregivers serve God by serving others. They often claim to see Christ in the poor and needy, and their faith is built up by interacting with other people. Caring for others recharges a caregiver's batteries.

Activist - Loving God Through Confrontation:
These Christians define worship as standing against evil and calling sinners to repentance. They are energized more by interaction with others, even in conflict, than by being alone or in small groups. Activists are spiritually nourished through the battle.

I'd say those results are farily accurate, even if I've never thought of myself as being spiritually nourished through the battle. Funny terms for a peace-nick groovy sister to use, but then again perhaps it makes perfect sense!

I also like that contemplation is a close third. Reminds me of this section from our groovy constitutions:

"Our intimacy with God
unifies our prayer and acivity
so that we are moved to action by prayer
while action urges us to pray." (CSJP Constitutions 28)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the assessment tool. It's interesting to visualize/realize our own styles. I also agree the assessment was rather accurate.

Brittany said...

Nice... I am a caregiver/contemplative! :-)