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I’m going to admit something to you, my bloggy confessional ... blogging about Novitiate is hard! Novitiate is hard enough, in its own crazy wonderful way, but sharing about it is a challenge. For one thing, I have no interest in (or right to) sharing details of the lives of those I live with. But, as their lives are an integral part of my life as far as they intersect, this makes it difficult.

For another thing, periodically I plunge into those periods of unbloggable thoughts (like now) and have no idea how or why I would share them with a group of complete/semi strangers and far away friends. And yet, a part of me knows that there is a reason other than my own ego that I am called to this blogging experiment. Other peoples' story telling has been an important part of my own journey - hearing about their experiences has helped me to see how God is active in my own life.

There is also some value to the writing challenge of crafting unbloggable thoughts into a blog worthy and appropriate post. I've been reading a lot about my personality type (INTJ) and one tip for personal growth was to "talk through your thoughts. If you don't have someone to discuss your ideas with, try expressing your ideas clearly in writing." I suppose a journal would work as well, but there is value to knowing someone else will read what you right. It keeps you honest.

The end result is of course this blog. My friend Jason has just turned his blog off permanently after discussion with his novice director. Part of me can understand the reasoning behind that decision, even though I'm sad not to be able to keep up with his own novitiate journey. As for me, I'll keep sharing my silly and sometimes not so silly thoughts here on the blog as long as my novice director and I think it is appropriate to do so. Perhaps I'll even get to working through some of the more recent unbloggable thoughts.

In the mean time, please keep me and my fellow novices in your prayers as we approach the half way mark of our Canonical Year.

Peace Out


Sara Maurer said...

For what it's worth, I find it interesting to hear you even blog about "there's some stuff going on that I can't blog about." (The blog Kicking and Screaming does this a lot too). I think of those posts as your use of negative space: when you can't name the actual "object" at the center of your thought, you are still honest enough to point out the silences and omissions. You let us know that they are a part of the journey too.

I'm not sure if I'm very good at saying why this is useful to me, as a random reader of this blog, but it makes me think about spirituality in a richer way.

Garpu the Fork said...

I think I know what you mean...I've been working a lot on music lately, and that's not something that I can easily blog about. Or I don't know if I should. There are some secrets that are for us, alone.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog. I experienced novitiate life almost 50 years ago. Your blog always inspires me and reminds me how God is caring for you and for all of us at all times. Be assured of my prayers...