nuns are human part one

I talked with my friend CoCo in Montana today. Well, I was in New Jersey, CoCo was in Montana and thanks to the wonders of the telephone, we were able to talk in real time. ;)

Anyway, CoCo told me she heard a nun on NPR this morning who had a blog. I said, "Oh, was it Julie?." No, all nuns do not know each other, but the world of blogging nuns is pretty small. I've never actually met Julie, but hope to some day. Her blog is cool, and she's got a great "Ask Sister" feature in case you've got any burning nun questions. Whereas my posts tend toward my existential musings with the occasional silly quiz, Julie's are actually informative.

My favorite quote from the interview?
"Nuns are human, they need a cup of joe in the morning."
Check out the interview here.

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Garpu the Fork said...

Reminded me of my confirmation sponsor, a Benedictine. We're both Not Morning People. In that, if you meet us in the morning, you must take pains not to make eye contact; back away slowly; and leave the coffee where we can reach it.