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I've been reading (and praying) some of the documents my groovy sisters wrote during the Renewal period after Vatican II. There is some amazing stuff! Definite words of wisdom, including these words that I thought I'd share with my bloggy friends.

Another dimension of prayer is our involvement in a life-style which continually opens us to an awareness that God is speaking through persons, events and situations in our daily life. When we respond to God in our midst this becomes then for us the vital means by which we affirm our own belief in the meaning of the Incarnation. If we participate in life with this perspective we will be better able to see our activities or apostolate in their true light. This view of life in its totality will help us recognize that the human situation is the manner chosen by God to manifest the divine to us. It is also the way in which He allows us to respond to His Spirit working in the world. -Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace, Response in the Spirit, 1969-1974


mema said...

How about a break in the overuse of the word....GROOVY! I'm starting to cringe.
Maybe I'm just not used to nuns/sisters using slang.

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

I'm not intending to make anyone cringe, but this blog is my story and my expression of this experience. As long as the word works for me, I'll continue to use it. Feel free to continue to read if you wish.


mema said...

Oh nice attitude for a nun, Susan.
Hopefully you will learn what letting the ego die means....soon.

bbira said...

Susan...thanks for sharing your experiences. Are you able to see and experience God speaking to you through others or through events? I'm praying that God will grant me the wisdom and graces to see Him and hear Him through others and through events but my first thought is rarely God. I consider myself a good Catholic. I'm very active in ministries in my parish. I love God but my natural thought process when it comes to this is to think of things in terms of luck, etc. and not see the workings of God.
I'm interested in knowing what you do or what you have been taught that helps you to see the workings and hear the voice of God in others and through events.
God Bless,

Susan Rose, CSJP said...


It's not easy for me to see God in the workings of other people and the events of the world, particularly when those people or events cause suffering or trouble to me or those I love.

What does help me is to try to stop thinking that God CAUSES those things (such as suffering), but rather that God is present in the midst of that suffering. For example, when my mom was sick with cancer and going through the dying process, I could have easily been angry at God. In fact, I was. Why would he "let" that happen. But I can also see, more clearly now that those dark days have passed, how God was present to me in the form of friends who dropped off chicken soup. In the smile of a stranger on the bus that I needed at that particular moment. In the sunrise that reminded me there are still good things in the world.

God is the source of all that is good, and God is present with us during the bad. Don't know if that helps. We're all on this journey together.

mema - I truly believe that we are all on this journey together, so if you are interested I hope you will continue to read along. That said, please note my comments policy on the main page.



Anonymous said...


I don't even remember how I came to find your blog but I check in periodically to see what you have to say. Whether the recent posting makes me laugh, think, cry or even if I just decide to skip that entry altogether, I understand it's YOUR blog and you should put whatever the heck you want in it!
I was raised Catholic, worked for sisters for years in college, even my aunt is a nun and even though I left the church ages ago, I appreciate your efforts in letting the world know that "nuns" are people who struggle with life - both the joys and the sorrow - just like the rest of us.

Peace out, Y'all *as we say in Texas+