how quickly time flies

Our Intercommunity Novitiate group ... or most of it anyway ... gathered today for one last hurrah. Our classes finished last week, but today we were invited to lunch at the motherhouse of the Sisters of Christian Charity. It was so great to see everyone again, a mere six days after our closing ceremonies. It's hard to believe that I won't see them all again on a weekly basis, although I'm sure we will manage to stay in touch. Thank God for e-mail!

Since last September we've been meeting weekly on Tuesdays & Wednesdays at a retreat center in Ossining, NY for our intercommunitiy novitiate classes. The subject matters were extremely relevant to our experience, and the presenters were for the most part excellent. We were also able to share and plan liturgies and prayer on the days we were together. But perhaps the best part of our time together was getting to know deeply the novices and novice directors from the other communities.

We were a diverse group. Our novitiate community came together from 8 different religious communities and included men and women from a variety of backgrounds, ages, and nationalities. On the practical side, it was wonderful having folks to talk to who know what my daily existence is like but that I don't necessarily live with! On a deeper level, it was wonderful experiencing first hand the many gifts and charisms that God has given to the church through religious communities. It left me with great hope for the future.

The summer is starting to shape up. I've got a few research projects I'm working on related to our community history and a pile of books I'm hoping to read. I will continue my weekly ministry at the hospital and just signed up to spend a week volunteering at our retreat house in July. I'm also taking some classes, going to El Salvador and then on retreat. The canonical year ends the first week of September. My how time flies!

But even though I will be busy with good things, I will miss our time together at the intercommunity novitiate. It has been an amazing blessing in my life.

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Lisa said...

And you had perfect weather for visiting one of the most beautiful places on earth :)